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“Tree of Life”
This beautiful image was used in the catalogue for “The Mohawk Valley Community and the American Indian Ritual Object Repatriation Foundation Benefit Auction” held at Christie’s, New York City on, November 21, 1994.
AIRORF’s 2004 fundraising card
“Two Worlds, One Soul” © Marcus Cadman, 2003
Marcus Cadman is a descendant from the Kickapoo Tribe of the Plains and the Navajo of the Southwest. His art combines modern and indigenous cultural resulting in his elements often-whimsical image, but more often speak the sacred and secular aspects of his world. www.marcuscadman.com
December 29, 1990 – Wounded Knee, South Dakota, Photo: ©James Cook
Text from the poster:
“‘It is said that where the four powers cross, it is sacred. The great power of the North with its cleansing cold and wind once again wiped away what is bad and gave us new understanding of the sacred. As we return to the center, let us not forget all that we learned and experienced in this journey back from the past. Let us rebuild our nations and mend the sacred hoop.’ Birgil Kills Straight, 1993
On December 29, 1990, in blowing snow and wind-chill temperatures around fifty degrees below zero, more than 350 mounted riders approached Wounded Knee, South Dakota to observe the end of seven generations of mourning on the centennial of the historic massacre there. The riders had retraced the path of Big Foot and his people on the seven day ride. As they rode over the last few hills, the frozen horses and riders took on a timeless and ghostly appearance as if they were indeed riding in from the past. The suffering that all experienced from the cold that day seemed that much more appropriate in remembering the results of one culture failing to understand another.”
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