Harvest Dance at Santa Clara Pueblo, New Mexico
Photograph © Marcia Keegan
Marcia Keegan. Pueblo People, Ancient Traditions, Modern Lives. Clear light Publishers, Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Reuben A. Snake, Jr. blessing Elizabeth Sackler, Sunrise Ceremony, Central Park, New York, 1992
Photo: ©American Indian Ritual Object Repatriation Foundation
AIRORF sponsored an early morning sunrise ceremony on October 10, 1992. Reuben A. Snake Jr., Winnebago, invited Native spiritual leaders from many nations. Hundreds of New Yorkers sat around the Foundation’s ceremonial tepee in Central Park; leaders gave blessings to all and said prayers for intercultural harmony.

Descent of the Sky Woman, by Elwood G. Jacobs, III
The image of this sculpture illustrated the front cover of the catalogue for The Mohawk Valley Community and the American Indian Ritual Object Repatriation Foundation Benefit Auction held at Christie’s, New York City, November 21, 1994.

Raven, Reproduced from an original design by Richard Adkins
Haida artist Richard Adkins was born in 1955. He studied with Frieda Diesing and with master artists Bill Reid and Robert Davidson. Adkins is best known for his jewelry in precious metals, influenced by the work of his teachers and by years of studying anatomical drawings and classical art history. His work has appeared in various exhibitions in Canada and is represented in private and corporate collections in North America.”— excerpt from “Changing Hands: Art without reservation 2,” Museum of Art and Design, 2005.

Body Maps III
This performance piece took place at the Santa Fe Art Institute on August 16, 2007. Visual Artist, Leland Chapin and Dancer, Rulan Tangen.
This multi media event integrated live painting, dance, musical soundscapes, and film. Working with topics such as indigenous displacement, threats to traditional homelands, and globalization, the Body Maps III installation and performance took visitors on a journey around the world. Stemming from their experiences in Belize, El Salvador, Panama, Argentina, Mexico, & North American Indian reservations, Chapin and Tangen created artwork celebrating the courage of those peoples struggling to defend their traditional lands, while honoring the memory of those who have lost their lands and their way of life.