Life Spirit includes interviews with outstanding native leaders. Reuben Snake, Jr. (1939-1993), Spiritual Leader (Winnebago), Sarah James (Gwich ‘in), Clark Tenakhongva (Hopi), Elmer Blackbird (Omaha), Chief Jake Swamp (Mohawk), Johnny WhiteCloud (Otoe), Michael Haney (1948-2005) (Seminole), Oren Lyons, Faithkeeper (Onondaga), and Marilyn Youngbird (Arikara – Hidatsa) express the importance of the repatriation of ceremonial material and its value to their living cultures and to all of life.

Robert Mc C. Adams, former Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution, Jack Trope, Esq., William J. Whatley, tribal archaeologist, and Elizabeth Sackler, President of the American Indian Ritual Object Repatriation Foundation, address the legal and moral importance of repatriation and the work of the American Indian Ritual Object Repatriation Foundation. Life Spirit also highlights the Sunrise Ceremony hosted by the Repatriation in its ceremonial tepee in Central Park, New York City, October 10, 1992. Life Spirit was made possible by a grant from The Educational Foundation of America.


Southwest Seminars is a Santa Fe, New Mexico, Lecture given by Elizabeth Sackler

The New Mexico Environmental Law Center, in Santa Fe, NM invited Elizabeth Sackler to speak about the Native American Grave Protection and Repatriation Act and the American Indian Ritual Object Repatriation Foundation on July 28, 2003.

Her speech, “Repatriation: Why and How,” Southwest Seminars: Perspectives on the Environment of New Mexico and the American West, was video taped and is available for viewing here: